News that 40,000 construction firms are operating on the brink of collapse is a wake up call for contractors who urgently need to reduce their risk of exposure and increase their visibility to potential clients in a rapidly changing and disrupted supply chain. The recent ‘Red Flag Alert’ research report for Q2 2017 from insolvency specialist… Read More

TenderSpace CEO David Stapleton

With the construction sector already fighting the highest levels of late payments of any industry in the United Kingdom, research shows that procurement fraud is also costing construction companies billions of pounds. The recent PKF Annual Fraud Indicator (2016) report puts total fraud losses to the UK at a staggering £193 billion. Couple this with… Read More

From 18 – 19 January 2017, STIHL will be presenting LAMMA visitors with a raft of brand new, cutting-edge products to help busy farming professionals complete their everyday tasks easier. STIHL invites all press to come and see the team at LAMMA, the UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and services show, at the STIHL show… Read More