From 18 – 19 January 2017, STIHL will be presenting LAMMA visitors with a raft of brand new, cutting-edge products to help busy farming professionals complete their everyday tasks easier.

STIHL invites all press to come and see the team at LAMMA, the UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and services show, at the STIHL show stand (Stand 492, Hall 4) to see a myriad of industry-leading machines and equipment.

A highlight of STIHL’s agricultural products will be the BR 450 C-EF; the new and improved version of the BR 450 that boasts electric start. Users will be impressed with this machine’s ability to restart quickly, with no need to take it off. The blower can simply and effectively be started up while on the user’s back – meaning no unnecessary interruptions during the long work day. Another benefit of the machine is the engine is switched off when not in use instead of being left on idle, reducing the noise output and fuel losses for those environmental and penny conscious users. What’s more, the blower’s adjustable tube and handle means it is comfortable for all users.

LAMMA show-goers can look forward to seeing STIHL’s new line up of professional brushcutters for 2017. The FS 91, FS 111 and FS 131 all boast STIHL 4-MIX engines and offer a range of cutting attachments for substantial mowing jobs, making them popular machines for maintaining the land. With the brushcutters’ 4-MIX engines always on standby, ready to start up again thanks to a handy stop switch, they are reliable tools for both farmers and horticulturists. Thanks to the machines’ two-component control loop handles and lighter gearheads, users can get through long days of work in comfort.

The HT 103 professional pole pruner is another highlight of STIHL’s new products that will be showcased at LAMMA. Ideal for orchard and tree maintenance, the HT 103 is lightweight, simple to use and well balanced thanks to the reduced weight of its square-cut telescopic shaft. With a total length of 270 – 390cm, a 12inch guide bar and weighing in at just 7.2kg, the HT 103 was built with professional users in mind. Its ¼ PM3 saw chain and 4 MIX engine with a simplified start system make this a powerful tool with optimised cutting performance.

On the KombiEngine front, STIHL will be presenting show-goers with a range of new engines including the KM 131 R and the KM 111 R. Versatile machines that can be used across 12 different appliances from hedge trimming to brushcutting, these two engines pack serious punch. The KM 131 R is a powerful 1.4kW engine for professional use. It features a simplified start and stop button and a large fuel tank to save time on the job. With its ergonomic loop handle and 4-MIX engine, this is a KombiEngine for a range of tough maintenance jobs. The slightly smaller KM 111 R shares the same premium features as the KM 131 R, making it a reliable tool for landscaping and property maintenance.