The arrival of Bosch’s GCL 2-15 G Professional combi laser

– Precise alignment in bright environments
– Four times more visible thanks to green laser lines
– Compact and versatile for all short-range levelling applications
– Easy alignment of laser lines around the centred plumb points
– Wide range of applications thanks to rotating multifunctional mount

See more with the green light laser
Levelling work in bright environments up to 15 meters just got even easier. When working in areas with bright ambient light, the green laser diodes of the Bosch GCL 2-15 G Professional can be seen more clearly than the red laser lines of other tools. The different wavelengths mean that the luminous efficacy of green light is higher than that of red light – thus making the laser line brighter and easier to see. The GCL 2-15 G Professional works with a pure green laser diode. This type of diode is also more powerful, gives the tool a longer service life thanks to its lower operating temperature, and makes the tool more compact.

A variety of attachment options
Users of the new combi laser continue to benefit from the tried-and-tested features of the Bosch GCL 2-15 Professional with red laser lines, but furthermore two centred, red plumb points are projected onto floors and ceilings, which are highly visible in any environment thanks to point concentration of the laser beam.

Using the RM 1 Professional rotating multifunctional mount, the laser lines can be aligned around the plumb point in a 360 degree radius – without having to reposition the combi laser. An angled bracket with feet and strong magnets enables the mount to be attached to iron girders or other magnetic structural elements in a multitude of ways.

Highly visible support for all trades
The GCL 2-15 G Professional simplifies precision work for tradespeople such as carpenters, electricians, installers and drywallers – even in unfavourable lighting conditions such as bright environments. It is a truly universal tool on the construction site that allows professional users to position windows exactly, for example, or hang ventilation ducts and ceilings accurately. The plumb points enable them to copy the positions of fire alarms, lights or entire lighting grids with pinpoint precision. The combi laser can do all of these work steps, thus saving time and making work more efficient.

The levelling function also ensures that even diagonal alignment is no problem, meaning that handrails on staircases, for example, can be fitted easily and precisely. The self-levelling function guarantees exact results with an accuracy of ±0.3 millimetres per meter in under four seconds. All the functions of the tool are easy to find and start thanks to its intuitive user interface. The pendulum lock also protects the tool during transit and when in storage.

The GCL 2-15 G Professional is priced at £233.33 excluding VAT and will be available from October in specialist retailers. It comes in a carry case with L-Boxx inlay and delivery includes the RM 1 Professional multifunctional mount, a ceiling clamp and a laser target plate.