Total Stations Hire vs Buy

Total Stations are an essential piece of surveying equipment in the modern day surveying industry. Total stations are essentially two pieces of surveying equipment in one; an electric theodolite with an integrated electronic distance meter, which work together so that you can digitally measure distances and angles, in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

Many recent total station models also have other technologies integrated into them, such as mapping software. This gives you a ‘total’ surveying package – allowing you to do everything from measuring distances to mapping out an entire area that is being surveyed.

For the all-round, professional surveying solution, total stations are the essential piece of equipment.

As total stations are extremely advanced pieces of modern surveying equipment, they do come with a high price tag. However, you do not necessarily need to buy a total station. You can save a lot of money – especially on one-off jobs – if you look at total station hire.

You can hire a total station from one of many hire companies around the country – most will even deliver it to your site. Many reputable surveying equipment hire companies have the latest total stations for hire, from some of the world’s top manufacturers, such as Leica. So you can get an extremely modern, high quality total station to save time on the job, increase accuracy of the results and reduce errors, without actually needing to pay out for the full cost of such an advanced total station!

Though if you do need to buy a total station, and buying a brand-new total station is out of your price range, you could buy a reconditioned total station.

Reconditioned total stations are pre-owned total station and have been used before, but they will have been calibrated, serviced and checked so that they are in full working order. So whilst a reconditioned total station may have a few bumps and scratches on the body, they are in full working order and they are cheaper than buying brand new total station.