BoSS TASKFORCE case study

BoSS is the leading access tower brand in the United Kingdom, providing comprehensive and versatile tower systems to domestic, commercial and industrial projects across the country.

Whilst the majority of towers are straightforward builds up to 8m externally or 12m internally, therefore covered by product standard EN1004:2004, the team at BoSS identified an opportunity to use the systems to replace the traditional tube and fitting scaffolds used on bigger projects, using EN1004 components but outside the scope of that standard.

This led to the formation of BoSS TASKFORCE, the expert BoSS Hire & Assembly network of carefully selected supply and erect access tower hire companies.

With founding members including Flow Access, STS & Tower Hire Services and Hi Point, this nationwide network of hire and assembly providers is capable of delivering more complex BoSS tower builds – known as prefabricated tower scaffold and covered by the new BS1139-6.

For each project, an individual design with structural calculations and method statement is prepared, before the complex structures are assembled by operatives with the appropriate competence from the BoSS TASKFORCE network. This includes scheme designs for linked, large deck and cantilever structures and site specific designs.

Case Study – A Shade Greener & Hi Point Scaffolding

Hi Point, a Boss Taskforce member, is an independent specialist scaffolding contractor, operating throughout Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. According to MD, Chris Blantern, “the use of aluminium tower systems has grown, especially for light duty access. Boss is one of the best and most diverse access tower systems on the market and being a Boss Taskforce member means that we can offer our customers a bespoke and often more efficient service”

The boom in renewable energy has seen great success for Hi Point’s customer, A Shade Greener, the market leaders in the free solar industry, with more than 50,000 installs in the UK.

This rapidly growing business needed to work with partners they could rely on to deliver professional, innovative and efficient solutions to the vast array of different tower requirements that come with completing hundreds of home installations every week.

Jason Carlton, BoSS Commercial &Product Manager at BoSS explains:

BoSS TASKFORCE members have access to our full technical resources – including custom drawings, user instructions and a structural analysis data sheet confirming technical calculations, load factors and all information required under the ‘2005 Working at Height Regulations’”

Working in partnership with HiPoint Scaffolding, we were able to focus on a safe, cost effective, modular construction solution for A Shade Greener that combines speed of assembly with minimal impact on working environment.”

By using BoSS towers and the BoSS Taskforce’s expertise, HiPoint are able to erect towers that meet the required safety criteria at more than double the amount of houses each day, compared to traditional scaffolding.

The towers are quicker to put up and easier to inspect, meaning that more than 400 properties each week are now having solar panels installed by the team. They also benefit each homeowner by taking up less room around the outside of each house and reducing the impact on valuable driveway space or parking access.

Stewart Davies Director at A Shade Greener, added:
“As the UK’s leading supplier of free solar panels we have a duty to encourage greener business practices wherever possible. The use of more compact towers, instead of long scaffold poles, has also meant that pickups can be used in place of 7.5tonne trucks, thus reducing both fuel costs and the impact on the environment of increased haulage.

The partnership between A Shade Greener, HiPoint and the BoSS Taskforce is a winning combination that ultimately benefits not just the customer and all those involved in the project, but the environment as well.”

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