BoSS Provided Platform for PASMA Tower Week

PASMA Tower Week is back for another year and from the 2nd until 6th November, PASMA members, including Youngman group’s BoSS Towers, will be highlighting safety at height.

Tower week, currently in its third year, was established by the Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA) to promote the use of towers as well as exchange information on the development of height safety in general.

PASMA is the leading industry body representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and users of pre-fabricated access equipment. They provide and oversee the industry standard training scheme and publication of safety-related knowledge, information and guidance.

As a PASMA member, Youngman group will be highlighting the versatility of their BoSS towers and their safe and productive use via their LinkedIn page, BoSS Towers & Access, during the week sharing some exclusive video content.

PASMA Managing Director, Peter Bennett said, “Tower Week is a collaborative effort between PASMA and our partners. Together we are aiming to produce a special week that will benefit the industry and make a real difference to keeping people safe.”

With an increase in partnerships and new ideas, Tower Week 2015 promises to be the biggest and best yet.”

Although Tower Week perfectly highlights BoSS’ relationship with the leading industry body, it’s the work that is carried out through the whole year that reinforces why these partnerships are paramount in promoting safety at height.

The comprehensive product range from BoSS resulted in PASMA recently using the popular BoSS Ladder span and BoSS plus products whilst undertaking refurbishment of its head office in Glasgow.

BoSS’ customer and Taskforce member, FLOW Access Systems, were commissioned by PASMA to assemble and erect the BoSS towers as part of the ongoing maintenance of the listed building.

Flow Access Systems is a well-regarded and capable PASMA approved hire & assembly company. Their staff are PASMA trained and they came out on top when members of PASMA were asked to bid for this prestigious project.

One of the issues FLOW Access faced when building the towers was space restraints due to the layout of the building fronting a main road.

Maintaining access as well as keeping the structure in situ for as little time as possible were vital aspects that needed careful consideration when undertaking the project, and all of this could be achieved by utilising an aluminium access tower structure.

FLOW Access used the BoSS Ladder span with additional BoSS Plus components because high clearance frames were needed to allow access in and out of the building.

The BoSS Ladder span is ideal because the integrated ladder allows frequent and easy access for painting; 850mm width narrow-span frames were selected because of the space restrictions, and as previously mentioned, one of the very important benefits of prefabricated tower systems is that they are so much quicker to install and dismantle especially when compared to heavier, more traditional scaffolding.

Jason Carlton, Product and Commercial Manager for BoSS Products said, “BoSS Tower builds have more than the minimum components demanded by EN1004 and since its establishment its reputation has been built on safety, by providing the best possible tower builds. BoSS also has the largest range of additional components available to enable complete flexibility in demanding environments”

This means we could provide FLOW Access with the ideal range of products for the job allowing them to spend less time building towers and more time for essential maintenance to take place”

Safety standards and best practice should always be considered when employing a company which is why PASMA’s website provides a full list of its accredited members.