Reintec introduces equipment powered by lithium ion batteries

Reintec is proud to be introducing three cheap mlb jerseys new micro-sized floor cleaning machines into its range of products for 2015. These are the first line of new products which use lithium ion batteries; more products will follow wholesale nfl jerseys later this year.

Reintec cleaning equipment services, wholesale jerseys part DUI of the HSS Hire Group, recognises the need for advancements in technology within the cleaning market and these new lithium battery units fulfill this process. Cleaning machines powered by lithium ion batteries are lighter and more mobile, and are far easier to charge and care for than machines powered by traditional Commande lead acid or This gel batteries. As well as charging quickly, they can be charged repeatedly during use and easily topped up like modern mobile phones. This battery technology is used in most modern mobile devices and reduces the downtime needed for charging, as well as increasing flexibility and convenience.

Paul Lewis, Managing Director of Reintec, said: “At Reintec we have three guiding principles: saving customers money, saving them time, and helping them meet regulatory and cheap jerseys best-practice requirements. These machines help wholesale nfl jerseys us achieve all these aims using new technology.

“Improvements in product design and our ability to deliver them to customers are an important way for us to continuously improve Reintec’s best-in-class service. When companies outsource the provision of their cleaning equipment to us, they know they are getting outstanding, modern kit.”

Reintec’s new lithium-ion powered range of floor cleaners comprises three micro machine models: BB1, XSR and SDC300L. The machines are manufactured by Reintec’s partner FiMap and фотоальбома are available exclusively through installs Reintec in the UK.

Each of the new micro machines features a compact, ergonomic design and lightweight frame, making it easier and more 検索サイトから撤退しました。 comfortable to clean in hard to reach places, such as under desks and tables. They also allow porttitor the operator to clean in all directions, with very effective cleaning performance.

The batteries deliver long run times in these machines. The XSR and SDC300L will both run BoSS for up to an hour on a full charge, while the BB1 will run for up to 45 minutes.