How to heat a marquee

If you are hosting an event or a party in a marquee, you will need to consider how to heat the marquee effectively and safely, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your guests. Even in summer months, temperatures can severely drop at night time, so it is important to have a suitable heating unit available to heat the marquee as required.

The safest and most effective type of heater for a marquee is an indirect-fired diesel space heater. Indirect diesel heaters are safe to use in marquees and other confined spaces, as they are designed to sit outside the enclosed space and duct warm, clean, fume-free air into the space, whilst expelling any fumes through its exhaust.

Indirect diesel heaters can do this safely because they burn fuel differently to direct-fired heaters. Indirect diesel heaters feature a heat exchanger with a flue union, to expel fumes and produce a much cleaner heat. These heaters are therefore safe to use in marquees and other confined spaces with little ventilation, because the clean fume-free warm air produced will not harm the occupants within the marquee.

You can hire an indirect diesel heater from many tool hire companies around the country. You can book a hire with them and they can deliver it to the site of your event or party, along with any ducting and accessories you need. Heater hire is better value for money if you only need a short term solution.

Arcotherm’ is a heater brand renowned for producing high quality space heaters. Arcotherm EC heaters are indirect diesel heaters, ideal for marquee heating. Due to their high build quality, reliability, safety credentials and effectiveness, Arcotherm EC heaters are a favourite amongst those in the marquee hire trade.

There are a number of companies that sell Arcotherm indirect diesel heaters, at quite reasonable prices.

Lots of companies also offer marquee heating packages; these packages give you everything you need for heating a marquee, including an appropriate indirect diesel heater, ducting, a diffuser, thermostat and flue.

The exact heater that you require will depend on the size of the marquee you need to heat. As each heater has its own maximum heating capacity, it is important that you get the right heater for your marquee, to ensure that your guests remain warm and comfortable throughout the entire event.