Bosch announces the new GBA 18 V 6.3 Ah Professional EneRacer

Bosch has answered the need for stronger and more lasting battery performance in high-load applications, where cordless tools have previously been unable to provide enough power and runtime. Compared to current 18 V XL battery packs, its GBA 18 V 6.3 Ah Professional EneRacer offers 80% higher power output and increases runtime by up to 90%. In addition, it is the most compact and lightweight high power battery on the market.

Heavy Duty Power

In Bosch power output tests, involving heavy duty applications, the new battery outperformed current 18 V XL packs by80%. Key EneRacer developments include advanced cell technology, optimised for powerful performance, as well as laser welding connection between cells which allows more power to pass from cell to tool. Meanwhile, the battery’s power rails have been designed for greater efficiency in carrying high currents in high-load situations.

Longer-Lasting Performance

Using its GBH 18 V-EC rotary hammer in a concrete drilling task, Bosch demonstrated that the new battery pack maintained power for 90% longer than existing 18 V Xl units. The improvement is largely due to optimised component design, better cooling and intelligent battery management. Intelligent technology is used to control energy consumption according to the application’s demand. The latest advance in cooling, Bosch CoolPack 2.0, is up to 35% more effective than its predecessor, and lower inner cell resistance (up to 50%) further protects against overheating. These factors not only increases runtime but extends the lifetime of the battery.

Convenience and Versatility

At just 114 x 76 x 64 mm, and weighing 0.8 kg, this is the market’s smallest and lightest high power battery – combining powerful performance with easy handling. As part of the Bosch Flexibile Power System, it is 100% compatible with all 18 V Bosch Blue Li-Ion tools.

To gain full advantage from EneRacer Technology, Bosch is developing a new generation of 18 V tools optimised for use with the new battery – starting with the GWS 18 V-125 ICE/ICE angle grinder. Batteries and tools are available from specialist retailers. Recommended retail price for the GBA 18 V 6.3 Ah Professional EneRacer, excluding VAT, is £132.