Bosch expands ‘Wireless Charging’ to 10.8 V class

The prize-winning ‘Wireless Charging System’ from Bosch is welcoming a new addition in the 10.8 V class: The compact yet powerful GBA 10.8 V 2.5 Ah OW-B Professional battery from Bosch. With this battery, tradespeople can enjoy the benefits of inductive charging in the 10.8 V class for the first time. As with the 18 V devices, tools using these batteries are charged whenever they are in contact with the ‘Wireless Charging’ station, ensuring that they are ready for use at all times.

The charging stations themselves are more robust than conventional chargers: since they no longer have any contact points, they are durable against water, dust and dirt. In addition to the stationary solution which can be mounted on workbenches, shelves or other work surfaces, the range also features mobile solutions such as the ‘Wireless Charging L-Boxx Bay’ which charges on the way to the job site.

Greater productivity, less planning effort
Charging batteries while driving enables professionals to use their working day more efficiently. They no longer have to make sure that all batteries are ready to use before they go to a job site. The ‘Wireless Charging L-Boxx Bay’ can charge a 2.5 Ah battery up to 80 percent in 40 to 70 minutes, depending on the power supply and vehicle type. Simultaneous charging of two batteries also enables very long periods of on-site work, which means tradespeople can work without interruption. For example, with a fully charged battery, the GSR 10.8 V-EC Professional drill/driver can screw in up to 1,000 4 x 40 millimeter screws in softwood or the GKS 10.8 V-LI Professional circular saw can saw through up to 25 meters of MDF boards with a thickness of 18 mm.

The ‘Wireless Charging System’ has impressed the experts: It has won multiple awards, including the Plus X Award for ‘Best Product 2015/2016’. As a result, Bosch was selected as the ‘Most Innovative Brand 2015’ in the ‘Tool’ category.

10.8 V batteries are compatible with the existing system
Tradespeople who already own a GAL 1830 W Professional charger or a ‘Wireless Charging L-Boxx Bay’ can use these devices to charge the 10.8 V battery straight away, as it is compatible with the existing system. In addition, it is part of the ‘Flexible Power System’ from Bosch: It is compatible with the majority of cordless tools in the same voltage class. The 10.8 V range currently comprises 27 devices, from drill/drivers through to dust extractors.

The 10.8 V ‘Wireless Charging’ batteries are available from specialist retailers in the following variants:

  • individually for £61
  • As a starter set with a battery and ‘Wireless Charging’ GAL 1830 W Professional charger for £99

All specified prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT. Subject to change without notice.