Reasons to hire tools instead of purchasing them

If you have a big project in the works and you do not have the right tools, you need decide whether to hire tools or to purchase them. Instead of decreasing the amount of space you have in your garage, here are some reasons why you should hire tools:

More cost effective

This is very important if you are completing a once-off job or something extremely rare. Hiring is a better financial decision with a lower upfront cost, than spending a lot of hard-earned money on a tool that will just gather dust after use.

Better products

A rental company will often own better tools than you could purchase at the hardware store or DIY centre. If your equipment is of a higher quality, you will be able to complete the job to a higher standard than the tools you might own yourself.

Low cost equipment may be more likely to break down and hiring can open you up to a bigger range of top-of-the-line equipment, used by qualified professionals.

No storage space needed

If you live in a smaller house or apartment, you might not have the space available to store a ladder or larger pieces of equipment.

You might be able to fit in a small toolbox but an excavator might be a problem to pack away. If you hire tools, it saves you all the stress of trying to squeeze them into the limited storage space you have available.

No maintenance costs

If you own your own tools, you will realise that they take a bit of care to keep running. Hiring tools takes away the responsibility of maintaining it because they become the hire company’s problem.

Lower environmental impact

Hire tools instead of purchasing them and demand will decrease, which in turn leads to less production. In short, if people hire tools, they save the environment by ensuring that less greenhouse gases are created in the production process.

According to some research, the average power tool is only used for about 30 minutes in its entire lifetime which means you are better off hiring it. You get to complete your project and save yourself some money in the short- and long term.