Satellite now stocks the MAL250

The Satellite mAL250 with its aluminium construction, offers the lowest empty weight in its class. Starting at only 250kg, this service module allows for a decent payload within legal limits. A lower weight also means less wear on your truck and lower fuel consumption than dragging along a bigger module.

THE MAL250 offers superb value. Its durability ensures that you are able to return on this investment for a longer period of time. Competitive pricing for spare parts and the best warranty cover in the industry underlines that the MAL250 is a profitable option you can make.

Due to the unique Easy-Fix system, the module can be bolted on to any truck bed quickly and securely without the need of extra engineering or additional costs.

MAL250 Technical Specifications

Total Volume: 950L
Waster Water Capacity: 750L
Clean Water Capacity: 200L
Dimensions (overall) L x B x H in mm.: 1446 x 1500 x 464