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Surveying equipment manufacturer in Mayfair, London
Coltraco Ultrasonics is the OEM of Portalevel™ and Portascanner™ and have been for over 20 years. They have supplied over 15,000 units to customers in 104 countries. These are the basis for becoming the technology manufacturer that we are today manufacturing 14 systems and products.

In their niche field of non-invasive, portable and ultrasonic liquid level measurement, they are the world leaders. The business commenced with the development of a portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator for the UK Government Atomic Energy Research Laboratory at Harwell, and was undertaken by Mr Eric Charlton Hunter in 1987, who had previously worked at the Admiralty Research Laboratory and prior to that specialized in Sonar in the Royal Navy Submarine Service. This was called the Portalevel™.

The work to establish a portable unit took over 3 years, and was accelerated both by users reluctance to continue to employ radioactive isotope technology because of licensing, transportation and storage restrictions, and by operators who had a personal disinclination to use radioactive technology. Coupled to this, in 1986 the Montreal Protocol was developed to control the use of CFC’s, and in that the company began to receive various UK and USA Government requests to aid their monitoring. Supported by some of the world’s largest fire and marine servicing companies, the 1st production unit was released in 1990.

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